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      Global leadership the target,  'Never give up' the key value

      "The success of our company lies in the nexus between our core value and our core technologies," said Hikaru Furukawa, president of electronic balances manufacturer A&D. "Our core value is simple: 'Never give up'."  

      "In A&D we speak of the Japanese word 'honmono', literally meaning 'real' or 'genuine'," he said. "To us, it signifies a value system which our people incorporate in every aspect of their work to achieve the highest quality output."   “

      A&D was established in 1977, when 13 engineers got together to take advantage of the transformation from analog to digital that had started at about the same time. Today it is a multifaceted company, the third largest manufacturer of electronic balances in the world. The all-purpose devices the company developed 33 years ago have been transformed into a range of products that suit a variety of applications, led by micro-balances capable of measuring weights to the millionth of a gram.  

      A&D has already stepped aggressively into the medical field through its blood pressure devices and precise measuring scales. "We are a unique manufacturer that provides digital blood pressure monitors for personal use and products crafted for use in hospitals and medical facilities. And we lead the way as a developer and provider of new healthcare services that aim to promote healthy living and prevent lifestyle-related diseases caused by modern technology," Furukawa explained.   

      The Tokyo-based company also provides innovative tools and technology for measurements, control and simulation during automotive and tire development. "Customer demand is high for our products, which are based on eight fundamental measurement technologies refined since the company was established," Furukawa said.   

      "Given our sensitive and demanding fields of business, our only option is to deliver the best," he concluded. "By doing that, we are aiming to reach our revenue target of $1 billion, making this company the global leader in its field."   


      World Eye Reports provided the story.  
      (China Daily 06/18/2015 page22)[轉自中國愛安德]

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